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What is a Complaint?

Who Can Make a Complaint?

How to File a Complaint


Orillia Community Non Profit Housing Corp, will investigate and resolve all genuine complaints and tenant issues within its means.

We will make every reasonable effort to assist in resolving matters that arise within our community. However, it is the responsibility of our tenants to act in accordance with their Tenancy Agreement and to attempt to resolve minor disputes prior to filing a formal complaint with Orillia Community Non Profit Housing Corp.


What is a complaint?


A complaint is when you tell us you are unhappy with a service we are responsible for; you are unhappy with the standard of service you receive from us; or you are unhappy because we have failed to do something we agreed to do.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who is affected by our service is entitled to make a complaint. This includes: tenants, applicants for housing, anyone who undertakes business with Orillia Community Non Profit Housing Corp, and homeowners in our neighbourhood.

How to file a complaint

To file a formal complaint, you can:

Call 705-327-5633 You will be asked to

Complete our Complaint Form

this form is available at the rental office or on this site

Completed forms can be

Emailed to:

or Mail to:

Attn: Orillia Community Non Profit Housing Corp.

43-80 Walker Ave., Orillia Ont. L3V 7N2 or

Returned to the Rental Office

We will acknowledge the receipt of your

concerns by the next business day.


When resolving Complaints, We Will:

  • Investigate all serious tenant complaints about other tenants or Housing Staff.

  • Make every reasonable effort to help resolve issues.

  • Consider evicting tenants who, despite all efforts to resolve the problem, still unreasonably disturb, harass, or otherwise discriminate against other tenants.


  • Deal immediately with tenants who behave violently towards other tenants or Housing Staff or otherwise threaten their safety or security.

  • If staff members cannot resolve the issue the Board of Directors will get involved.

  • If the complaint is with a staff member the Board of Directors will deal with the issue.

  • The Board of Directors are informed of every complaint and monitor each situation. 

When resolving Complaints, We Will Not:

  • Get involved in minor disputes or complaints based on rumours.

  • Get involved in issues where Housing, as the Landlord, has no authority to deal with the complaint.

  • Act on complaints if they are discriminatory in

            themselves as outlined under legislation.

            Housing will NOT tolerate acts of violence or

            discriminatory claims. If the complaint itself is a form

            of harassment, it will not be acted on.

  • Consider evicting tenants if there is limited

           documented evidence or no witnesses.

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